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Looking For An Instant Project Cost Estimation?


Please enter the approximate overall project floor size using the boxes below. For example if you have two rooms (a bathroom at 5m X 5m and a bedroom at 10m X 10m) then enter the total floor space in this example of 15m X 15m (by simply adding the two widths and lengths together).The total width and length of your floor project will result in an instant estimate to have the area covered with Liquid Screed:



The more detailed information we have, the more accurate we will be able to be with our response. Ideal details include: The Floor size length and width; The screed depth in mm; Is there any variation in depth/height throughout the floor area; What subfloor type is the screed to be installed over (EG: concrete slab, ufh pipe, egg box floor trays, insulation); Is a perimeter expansion strip required or already installed; Is polythene floor preparation required; Is UFH installed / to be installed; Are any window / door apertures closed and is the building weathertight?

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1. Measure Your Space

Using a tape measure, simply measure the approximate width and length of your rooms(s) in meters. Once all rooms have been added together, tou can input these total measurements into our Cost Calculator tool above to give you an approximate idea of the area you need to cover.

2. Book Your Installtion

Simply give us a call or use the contact form above to get in touch with Pure Screed directly. We should be able to discuss any specific details of your project and confirm an ideal time for either a site visit and / or installation to suit you.

3. Watch The Magic

We’ll visit your project on the arranged time and date to begin the installation project. Depending on the requirements this may take a few hours or a few days to complete, but we’ll always ensure we leave the area clean and tidy when we depart.

4. Enjoy The Floor!

The liquid screed will take approximately 48 hours to firmly set, depending on the available airflow and temperature. Once this is complete, you can walk on the new floor right away, ready for the final finish and moving in!